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Turn this Crisis into a CATALYST
Join the MAKE IT COUNT Challenge 
It's time to Get Excited, Get Engaged, and Get Involved! Don’t miss this opportunity to join our 21-Day Challenge that will push you outside your comfort zone and make you a better leader no matter what your job!
Don't Just Kill the time, LIVE the time!

Our next 21-Day Challenge begins on 
Monday, February 1st.  
When you join the challenge, you will emerge 21 days from now a more inspired, impactful, and innovative leader. Included with your $79 entry fee, which is less than $4 per day, you will receive more than $1,500 worth of valuable resources! You will: 

✓  Use the next 21 days productively
✓  Be a more confident, energized, resilient person
✓  Connect to other leaders with similar challenges
✓  Understand the nature and management of crisis
✓  Use adversity to their advantage
✓  Deal with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty
✓  Be of greater service to their communities and those in need
✓  Position themselves and/or their businesses for the future
✓  Create an actionable plan for their days moving forward
Through daily challenges, resources, access to interviews with experts in personal development, business, leadership, and more, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, and support to make this time count.
What can change in 21 days? A lot. 
Flip the script to invest in yourself, impact others, strategically re-position, overcome anxiety, and emerge stronger!  What you can expect:
Improve Dramatically.
Use the next 21 days productively. See it as a launchpad, providing you with the practical tools and resources to emerge the best version of yourself.
Prepare Intentionally.
Position yourself and your business for the future by creating an actionable plan with achievable goals to guide your days moving forward.

Serve Radically.
Discover how you can make the greatest impact on those around you to reach the needs of your community. Pivot from seeking safety to serving selflessly. 
Grow Proactively.
Increase your understanding of crisis management and proactive leadership. Develop resiliency that will maximize your goals and efforts.
Reflect Internally.
Shift your thoughts and emotions to defeat overwhelm and gain freedom from fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Prioritize self-care to enable you to envision what’s possible.
Connect to Community.
Join a virtual group of like-minded leaders committed to making the most of this time. We believe support catalyzes success.
*The cost for this challenge is intended to create a deeper commit so YOU can get the most out of this challenge. 
If cost is an issue for you, email me at [email protected]